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Project: Simulation and design of an electrodynamic (Thomson) operating mechanism for fast mechanical switches


Field of research
High Voltage Technology (HVT)

Kaveh Niayesh

Specialization Course
ELK30, ELK22

Individual / joint project

Electrodynamic (Thomson) drive mechanism is one of appropriate solutions used in such fast opening switches. In this type of operating mechanism, a pulse current, created by discharging of a capacitor in a coil, is used to induce large eddy currents in a metallic part. The currents flowing through the coil and induced in the metallic part produce opposite magnetic fields resulting in exertion of a large force and fast acceleration of the metallic body.

The goal of this project is to simulate the magnetic field and current density distributions and to derive dimensioning rules for such an electrodynamic operating mechanism.

The fall project will consist of a literature review on fast opening switches, with focus on possible drive mechanisms and contact configurations. The spring project will include simulation of magnetic fields in electrodynamic operating mechanisms, and deriving dimensioning rules for a Thomson drive.