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Energi og Miljø / International MSc in Electric power engineering/
Produktutvikling og produksjon (5-årig og 2-årig), studieretning energi, prosess og strømning
Ingeniørvitenskap og IKT, studieretning energi- og prosessteknikk

Hossein Farahmand

Theme no.

ELK-15 Hydro Power Scheduling and Miscellaneous Topics on Electricity Markets

The specialisation course is aimed to explore the advanced aspects of electricity market design for ensuring power system operational flexibility. The course is divided into three modules as bellow:

1- Optimisation techniques and hydropower scheduling
2- Local markets and flexibility market design
3- Integrated market and digitalisation of power systems

The first module deals with scheduling methods for the various scheduling phases (long, mid and short term) of hydro production. In the second module, the design of local electricity markets allowing the trading of flexibility, providing market access to DERs, a support tool for Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and a value stream for energy suppliers will be discussed. Finally, in the third module, miscellaneous topics on integrated electricity markets and the digitalisation of power systems will be included. These topics would build on the background from the course TET4185 (Power Markets, Resources and Environment).

The goal is to provide the student with an increased scope of understanding the practical relevance of power system and market participant needs, and its derivatives from a Research Perspective:
· To develop a working knowledge of some of the crucial issues of the Hydro Power scheduling.
· To formulate, analyse changes in the market environment and related regulation in local markets.
· To introduce current topics of the integrated market and discuss new possibilities that are unlocked by the digitalisation of the power systems.

Necessary background:
Subject TET4135 Planning and operation of energy systems or corresponding knowledge; Subject TET4185 - Power Markets, Resources and Environment or corresponding knowledge

Course Schedule:
We will have regular double-lecture every week.

Course Evaluation:
Students are expected to work on a project related to the content of this course and based on their specialisation project topic. The problem should be first identified to perform a literature search and complete analysis. Student(s) (group/individual))  will prepare a report (5-10 pages), and the report should be submitted through Blackboard. The grading will consist of both the project report and a presentation of the project (during the final seminar).

• Class slides and any other material uploaded on Blackboard
• Recommended Reading Material (RRM): is outlined in the slides

More specific information will be given during the lectures.

Assoc. Prof. Hossein Farahmand, Dept. of Electric Power Engineering
Email: Room No. E-465
Elektrobygget (O.S. Bragstads Plass 2), Gløshaugen.

Number of students : 3
Name Degree programme E-mail
Petry Kristine Nøttum Haaland Energy and the Environment 5-year programme, all branches, MTENERG
Runar Hillestad Energy and the Environment 5-year programme, all branches, MTENERG
Gajanthini Vamathevan Energy and the Environment 5-year programme, all branches, MTENERG